In this section we aim to summarise the main IBM Cognos Products, explaining what they can do for your organisation, how they add value, which are the most appropriate courses, and who in the organisation should attend the courses.   

The best place to start is at the beginning. Cognos; a software company with its HQ in Canada was acquired by IBM in 2008 and slotted in under IBM's Business Analytics banner amongst other acquisitions . An overview of the Cognos family can best be summarised by the IBM Cognos Performance Management Suite.

The Enterprise Planning products take care of collection, analysis and reporting of data. The Enterprise Business Intelligence products take care of front-end reporting, the metadata modelling and Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools take care of transforming source data to fit and align with BI reporting interfaces.


All of the Web-Based IBM Cognos applications can be run from a single web portal known as IBM Cognos Connection. Other business intelligence applications and URLs to other applications, can be integrated with IBM Cognos Connection.


Click below to get a break-down of each product in the Cognos suite.


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